galvanized steel

Our product portfolio includes hot-dip galvanized steel, in which grades from DX51D to DX57D are integrated, as well as structural steels from S220GD to S550GD. These grades are mild steels in hot-dip galvanized sheets and have excellent formability. Can be used for deep drawing and bending. The mechanical properties of individual steel grades are characterized by a level of yield strength and tensile strength, and a guaranteed minimum elongation at break. Soft steels can be classified as follows. DX51D: for bending and punching. DX52D: shallow pressing. DX53D: deep drawing. DX54D: very deep drawing. DX55D: Special quality of deep drawing (only + AS) DX56D: special concavity quality DX57D: Super deep drawing quality For hot coated strips and sheets, the following European uniform characters have been introduced. Z zinc coating (99% Zn) ZF and iron alloy ZF plating (galvanized) ZA zinc aluminum coating (Zn + 5% Al) Aluminum zinc coating AZ (55% Al + 1.6% Si + Zn) AS aluminum-silicone coating (11% Si + Al) Zinc magnesium coating ZM (1-2% Mg + 1 -2% Al + Zn) requirements coating The following tables show the possible coating conditions. Zinc paste (+ Z) Code edition Typical value in μm density area in g / cm³ Z10075-127.1Z140107-157.1Z2001410-207.1Z2251611-227.1Z2752013-277.1Z3502517-337.1Z4503222-427.1Z6004229-557.1 Mass of zinc alloy with iron (+ ZF) Code edition value in μ density in g / cm³ ZF10075-127.1ZF12086-137.1 Weight of zinc-aluminum alloy (+ ZA) Code edition Typical value in μm area density in g / cm³ ZA09575-126.6ZA130107-156.6ZA1851410-206.6ZA2001511-216.6ZA2252015-276.6ZA3002317-316 magnesium (+ ZM) 1/2 Code edition Typical value in μm area density in g / cm³ ZM0604.54-86.2-6.6 ZM0705.54-86.2-6.6 ZM08064-106.2-6.6ZM09075-106.2 -6.6ZM10085-116.2-6.6ZM12096-146.2-6.6ZM130107-156.2-6.6ZM140118-166.2-6.6ZM15011.58-176.2-6.6 Weight of zinc magnesium (+ ZM) 2/2 Code edition Typical value in μm area density in g / cm³ ZM160128-176,2-6,6ZM175139-186,2-6,6ZM1901510-206,2-6,6ZM2001510-206,2-6,6ZM2501913- 256,2-6,6ZM3002317-306,2-6,6ZM3102418-316,2-6,6ZM3502719-336,2-6,6ZM4303526 -466.2-6.6 Aluminum-zinc alloy bearing mass (+ AZ) Code edition Typical value in μm density area in g / cm³ AZ150139-193.8AZ1502015-273.8AZ1852519-333.8 Aluminum-silicon alloy bearing weight (+ AS) Code edition Typical value in μm area density in g / cm³ AS060107-153.0AS0801410-203.0AS1001712-233.0AS1202015-273.0AS1502519-333.0 Zinc coating – Common Flower (N) The intact zinc coating is formed in this project. Depending on the galvanizing conditions, there may be either zinc crystals with different gloss and size, or no zinc flowers. This does not affect the quality of the coating. The coating version for zinc – Small Flower (M) By consistently affecting the solidification process, this design gives results. On the surface there is a smaller zinc flower, which in some cases is not visible to the naked eye. If an ordinary zinc flower does not meet the requirements for the appearance of the surface, this design is taken into account. The coating design for a zinc-iron alloy (ZF) A coating of zinc-iron alloy with a conventional composition is formed as a result of a heat treatment in which iron diffuses through zinc. The surface has a uniform matt gray appearance. The coating structure for zinc-aluminum coatings (ZA) Intact solidification of the zinc-aluminum coating gives in this version a metallic gloss. Depending on the production conditions, crystals of different gloss and sizes are formed. This does not affect the quality of the coating. Coating design for zinc-magnesium (ZM) coatings Thanks to the intact solidification of the zinc-magnesium coating, this version produces a different look, from matte to metallic gloss. Possible images and darkening tendency may occur. Coating design for aluminum zinc coatings (AZ) Products are supplied with a standard flower. Common flower is a version with a metallic sheen that causes intact growth of aluminum-zinc crystals under normal solidification conditions. The coating structure for aluminum-silicone coatings (AS) Unlike other hot-refined products, a relatively distinct layer of Al-Fe-Si alloy is formed during hot refining on base material. This should be taken into account in the further processing steps. Details on the mechanical values ​​can be found in the table above. In addition, you can download the full section of our Quality Guides (QG) on hot-dip galvanized grades via the link. The grades of steel can be supplied in the form of a broadband link or coil , slotted tape, sheets and blank DIN EN 10346 replaces the following previous editions DIN EN 10336DIN EN 10327DIN EN 10326DIN EN 10292DIN EN 10215DIN EN 10214DIN EN 10154DIN EN 10147DIN EN 10142DIN 17162 Good Material No. Possible types