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Cold rolled steel is also part of our product portfolio. Cold rolled steel is ideal for cold forming. This product group has been assigned grades DC01 to DC07, DC01EK to DC06EK, DC03ED to DC06ED and S215G to S325G. Species are classified according to the maximum allowable yield strength and can be divided as follows. DC01 – This quality can be used for simple molding work e.g. Bending, stamping, milling and drawing.DC03 – This quality is suitable for forming requirements such as deep drawing and difficult profiles.DC04 – This quality is suitable for high deformation requirements.DC05 – This deep drawing quality is suitable for higher deformation requirements.DC06 – This special deep drawing quality is suitable for the highest deformation requirements.DC07 – this very deep drawing grade is suitable for extreme deformation requirements. Enamelled grades DC01EK, DC04EK and DC06EK are suitable for conventional single-layer or double-layer enamelling. SpeciesDC06ED, DE04ED and DC06ED steels are suitable for direct enamelling, as well as for enamelling in accordance with the double-layer / single-flame method and for special applications of double-layer enamel for low-distortion enamel. Surface A surface Errors such as pores, small scratches, small warts are allowed , small scratches and slight discoloration that do not affect the ability to change shape and adhere to surface coatings. Surface B The better side must be free from defects, so as not to deteriorate the homogeneous appearance of a high-quality finish or electrolytically applied coating. The other side must at least meet the surface type A. Finishes The surface finish may be particularly smooth, matt or rough, if no details are specified when ordering, the surface finish will be delivered in a matt finish. The four surface finishes listed correspond to the middle roughness values ​​in the table below and must be tested according to EN 10049.Einträge anzeigenSuchen: surface finish mark roughness (Length limit: 0.8 mm) Particularly smooth Ra ≤ 0.4 μmg smooth Ra ≦ 0.9 μm boring 0.60 μm ˂ Ra ≤ 1.9 μm roughRa ≤ 1.6 μm Hot rolled steel according to DIN EN 10111 grade Material no. Yield strength ReL (MPa) 1 ≤ 1.5 mm Yield strength ReL (MPa) 2 ≤ 11 mm Tensile strength Rm (MPa) Elongation A80 (in%) 1 <1.5 mm Elongation A80 (in%) 1.5 ≤ 2 mm Elongation A80 (in%) 2 ≤ 3 mm Elongation A5 (in%) 3 ≤ 11 mm Old name DD111,0332170 – 360170 – 340≤44022232428StW 22DD121,0398170 – 340170 – 320≤42024252630StW 23DD131,0335170 – 330170–310≤4002728141,038W 310170–290≤38030313236StW 24WDD14 Ti210–300320 – 3803036Bor DD14170–290290 – 3802730 Hot rolled steel Our product portfolio starts with the first and simplest steel in accordance with the production process, soft hot rolled steels. The features DD11, DD12, DD13 and DD14 are taken below. According to EN 10027-1, the first letter D in DDxx is briefly followed for flat products for cold forming. The second letter D, followed by two numbers, means that it is hot rolled steel. Steels of this type are characterized by excellent formability. They can be used for deep drawing and bending. The mechanical properties of individual grades of mild steel are characterized by a level of yield strength and tensile strength, as well as guaranteed minimum elongation at break. The properties of this steel make it an ideal material for further processing of many end products, such as stamped, pressed and drawn parts, pipes, car wheels, agricultural equipment and shelving systems. Hot rolled steel can be supplied in rolled state, i.e. that the surface has a thin adherent layer of scale with different colors. Colloquially, this delivery condition is called black or blue. Usually, however, a dried and oiled surface is supplied. In this case, both sides will receive a protective layer of oil, which is chemically inert, does not dry out and does not contain foreign bodies. The oil layer can be removed with alkaline solutions or other common solvents. The surface finish should be free of pleats, bubbles, shells, cracks and scratches that can affect usability. Pores, small scars, slight marks, slight scratches, discoloration and creasing caused by unwinding are allowed. The first details of the mechanical values ​​of hot rolled steels can be found in the table above DIN EN 10111 replaces previous editions DIN 1614-1 and DIN 1614-2. grade Material No. Yield point Rp0,2 (MPa) Tensile strength Rm (MPA) Elongation A80 (in%) min. value r 90 ° min. value n 90 ° min. Old name DC011,033